Sibling conflict can be problematic and frustrating,

to say the least.

My wife and I teach conflict resolution,

including sibling conflict, through temperament.

Let's see what I mean by this.

To begin,

there are four basic temperaments, or personalities.

There is the inquiring child,

always needing to know, and understanding things.

Knowledge is the key to success in life.

The organized child is a great planner,

loves checklists, and strives to keep everything in order,

be on time, and works like a beaver.

The authentic child is all about relationships,

very open and honest,

and genuine with themselves and others,

and avoids insincerity and conflict.

The resourceful child, on the other hand, thrives on action,

and is all about freedom seeking,

and uses their skill and imagination

to solve problems quickly.

Four very different personalities in this world,

and, from time to time,

sure to create some sibling conflict.

I would suggest to all parents,

get to know the temperaments or personalities of the kids,

and use this knowledge to shut down conflict.

If you know the qualities

of each child,

you can start taking away the conflict creators

and replace them with things the child values or wants.

Don't buy into the conflict.

Show each child how they can be successful,

by providing something they need, instead.

To find out more, pick up a copy of our book,

Great Parenting Skills, or GPS,

for Navigating Your Kid's Personality.

It's available today on Amazon.

Enjoy the parenting experience.

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