Trends you're seeing?

So I mean from my perspective,

HTML5, I think it's a great

technology and very powerful.

I think when we're talking about HTML5

versus native apps,

I think HTML5 does more than just native.

It basically can power your mobile website.

So if you want to build anything that is powered

on a mobile website with a quick URL

or bookmarked into an app link

on your Smartphone, SW can do that

and you can actually do some great, fantastic things

and for the most part on every platform

it's actually even hardware accelerated.

When it comes to putting HTML5 inside of your native app,

I think that's where the question marks start beginning.

It really depends on how complicated

your user experience is.

It depends on animations, transitions,

what kind of content you have

so for things like games and whatnot,

it's really challenging to do it inside of HTML5

wrapped inside of an app.

It really comes down to experimenting on what it is

you're building,

what your user experiences and what your designs are

and how you're implementing it

to see if HTML5 may or may not be a roadblock.

On some of the platforms, the HTML5 inside of

a native environment is not hardware accelerated

so you will see slowdowns in performance.

When it's simple layout or a content display,

it's relatively straightforward.

But when you have anymore anything else that

is slightly more complicated design pattern

or experience, especially when it comes down to games

it becomes much, much more challenging.

And again it depends on the sensitivity on your users.

Some users may not be able to tell if you're deploying

an enterprise app.

They don't really care that much.

But it's when something is,

let's say it's a luxury app for people

that really care about the entire experience end to end,

that it really matters.

And then there's something right in the middle

called hybrid where you take the best of both worlds

and you figure out how to really leverage HTML5

inside of native code.

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