About Vidoyen

Vidoyen is a fun, easy to use social video blogging platform designed for credited experts to educate, inspire and entertain the masses. To sign up as an expert please click here.

Arshia Tabrizi

Founder & CEO

A Computer Engineer and leading technology lawyer in Toronto, trained in Silicon Valley, Arshia founded Vidoyen because he is passionate about the intersection of the arts and technology, public education, and using digital media towards a larger social purpose.

Mike Jarema


A star in Toronto's tech scene, Mike was one of the first employees at Xtreme Labs and is a tinkerer with a strong interest in how the internet shapes our lives and business by connecting devices, ideas and people.

Azin Tabrizi


An MBA with a firm understanding of growing pains and a master operator with a strategic perspective, Azin can get over operating hurdles with ease and effectiveness.

Derek Szeto


A master at content plays, as the Founder of RedFlagDeals.com, Canada’s largest bargain-hunting community, Derek sold to Yellow Pages Group in 2010, and is currently the CEO of Wirkn bringing a mobile-first employment solution to life.

Salim Teja


Salim is Head of MaRS' ICT Practice and has been the COO of b5Media and a Partner at BrightSpark Ventures. He also set up the Digital Innovation Lab at Indigo Books.

David Cohn


A Senior Director at Advance Publications and previously founded Spot.Us (now a part of APM). He tweets as @Digidave.