• Interact With Your Fans/Readers in a Highly Visual and Engaging Manner
  • Easily Sort/Search/Manage Incoming Fan Questions
  • Click Any Question & 1-Click Record/Review/Post Your Video Answer from Any Web Browser
  • Instantly Share Videos to Your Social Network
  • Access & Share Your Video Answers Post-AMA
  • Build a Portfolio of Shareable Videos Whose Usefulness Lives Beyond the AMA Event

Some examples of AMAs hosted by other Wattpad authors:
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Strawberry Wine
D. S. Jamison
Monica Sanz Live Q&A!
Monica Sanz
Q&A With A.J. Winter!
A.J. Winter
Follow Me Back [The Novel]
A.V. Geiger
La Dame Blanche, Les Corbeaux and The Dark Series
Emma V Leech
Got a question? Ask me anything!
Linda Poitevin

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